Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I just found this website - hah so true! If only I would have know the truth!!

- Me

Horrible Drug - Be Gone!

March 10th

So I have been on Effexor for my anxiety/stress issues for about a year now...I hate it. I have gained weight, my skin & hair are a mess, I just want to sleep all day plus it has not helped my anxiety problems - if anything it has made them worse.

I want to be off this darn drug and I have tried getting a hold of my nice but crazy doctor for about two months now. I have tried to make an appointment, but the rude clerk people think I just should talk to a nurse. Well they never call me back!

I tried to stop taking this drug cold turkey.....wow I never have felt so bad in my life! I felt like the world was coming to an end! I mean not only did I feel like I was getting the worse flu of my life, but I kept getting twitches in my legs, dizziness, "brain zaps" and the feeling where if you turn your head, your brain has to catch up with the the rest of your body. Whoever produced this medicine needs to be slapped. After having these symptoms, I craved the drug and drove home immediately seeking the substance just so I wouldn't feel like my life was ending.

I have read about the "bead method" and I might try it since my stupid doctor will not call me back. I am tired of feeling like a zombie! I cant wait to feel like my self again. Here goes nothing!!

- Me